If you have had sleep apnea for a long time, then you have probably been using a CPAP machine for a long time now too. Older CPAP machines can help open your airways so people also have been known to gain the ability to breathe while they’re sleeping. The thing is that they lose the ability to sleep all together because of the loud noise.

Losing sleep because of a loud noisy machine couldn’t be annoying. It’s like a catch 22. You get the machine to help you sleep but it keeps you awake with the noise. The only way to breathe to sleep is to have the loud noise on. The only way to sleep is to not have the loud noise but then the air goes away. Maybe it’s time to think about getting a new machine. best soap for cleaning cpap 

The older machines have louder motors because they haven’t had the chance to develop into the technology they are equipped with today. Now, there are CPAP machines that are quiet and small enough to sit by your bedside. You can even travel with some models because they are so small.

Newer model CPAP machines also offer an alarm clock, a handy LCD screen that allows easy navigation and also soothing sleep noises. If you could have sleep noises such as the ones offered by the CPAP machine models that have recently come out then even if there was a loud motor you wouldn’t be a real problem.

If you are not looking to get a new machine you can always try using headphones with some soothing music. That way you won’t have to buy an entire new machine. Although, it would be a good investment to get a new machine due to their other features. You will be able to have the luxury of a heated humidifier with a new machine. This will allow you to rest peacefully and breathe easily. If you can do this for yourself then you will be much more comfortable and get a better rest.

Newer machines are going to mean that you have to spend more money, but that doesn’t mean you are wasting it. The new machines offer an immense amount of new helpful features that you can’t get with older models. There are different size models, different hoses and masks that you can choose from that may not necessarily fit your old clunky machine. Try looking into the newer models either with your doctor or online.


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