An addiction to weed (or marijuana, pot, cannabis and many other terms for this drug) can be life destroying thing. Many people dismiss weed addiction as not even existing or paling into significance compared to other drug abuse such as methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine addiction; this however is a short sighted view because of a lack of understanding of the drug and associated addictions.

You see, an addiction to weed is similar to an addiction to alcohol. Both are drugs that give a certain high, both have side effects that can be harmful both are considered quite a mild drug with alcohol being legal of course. However we hear of people being addicted to alcohol even though we know there are no chemicals in alcohol that make us dependent on it like cigarettes have nicotine and it is the same story with marijuana.

Marijuana does of course have chemicals in it especially the main offender THC which is the cause of many of pots famed properties and that stays in the users system for long after you smoke the substance. This THC and others do not cause the incredible physical cravings that some harder drugs and cigarettes are known to however but they do give the one that that makes any substance addicting despite all other properties. The High. cbd berlin

The high is why do people abuse any form of drugs, for a moment they can be lifted out of reality and given something briefly sublime before crashing back to earth and realizing nothing has changed. For most people who continue to smoke cannabis nothing does change and they become addicted to weed in a way that is purely psychological.

So what can you do to kick your addiction to weed?

The first step is to admit you have a problem (as clichéd as that sounds), there is a moment in most addicts lives where the clouds part and a shining beacon of light slips through and they can see everything wrong with their lives and how excessive marijuana use is contributing to it. If you are reading this maybe you have had that experience and realize you need to act now! Since you know there is no physically addicting properties to cannabis now it all comes down solving the problems that make you turn to weed to escape, dealing with the issues that plague you with a clear head rather than stoned off your face and this can be very hard to help with because of the myriad of issues that different people have to deal with.

Here are some positive steps you can take in the next few days though:


  • Start exercising more – The natural high caused by endorphins after exercising is a good way to feel good without using drugs and exercise fills in the time you may have spent smoking while getting you fitter and healthier its a win-win!
  • Throw out all of your stash – I am serious, do not have a goodbye smoke, do not keep any to smoke later as a “reward”, do not think it is wasteful because in the long term you will be saving a lot more by quitting. Flush it all away and be clean
  • Start a Success Diary – A big stumbling block many who suffer from an addiction to weed come across is that they stumble along the way and they make this single failure into a huge deal when it is just another bump. Having a diary of all the times you overcome your cravings or when you do something you never could of when smoking pot helps you go back and see how far you have come, never record the bad stuff just the good stuff as motivation is the key to successfully kicking your addiction!

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